Your Guide To Business Relocation: Relocating Employees

How To Make Employee Relocation Seamless When Relocating Your Business

Business relocation is a process that includes many moving parts. While it’s easy to think about and focus on the physical movement of furniture and other assets–the literal “moving parts”–t’s just as important to consider and plan for the employee relocation process. Do not assume that your capable employees will be able to handle themselves completely in their relocation. Moving is a stressful situation for even the most organized individuals, and support from their employer will go a long way in setting the tone for a positive working relationship.

Planning with and assisting your employees as they move to your new workplace is essential for a successful business relocation. The following will discuss employee relocation considerations you should take into account when relocating your business.


Preparing and organizing ahead of time is essential when relocating a business. Two things that can be done in advance include putting together a Relocation Team and creating a Relocation Checklist. Your relocation team will likely include experts from HR, legal, recruitment, procurement, and finance. These team members will be able to answer important questions and concerns you and your employee or employees may have before and during the relocation. These same individuals can help you create a comprehensive Relocation Checklist that will help everyone involved in the relocation process understand what needs to be done. This checklist may include things like research and select a moving company such as Pacific Shipping and Crating, cancel current utilities and set up new utilities, prepare immigration paperwork (for international moves), and much more.  You can our relocation checklist here.

When preparing your business and your employees for a relocation, it’s crucial to understand employee needs ahead of time. Logistically, it’s helpful to know how many people will be relocating and their specific circumstances. Do your employees have family members and pets that will be making the move as well? Do you have employees moving from different countries who will need assistance with immigration? Understanding the needs of your employees allows you to help with basic logistics such as paperwork, but also provides you an opportunity to show special care to your valued employees. For example, you can offer local zoo or children’s museum memberships as a perk to families with children, suggest local realtors for finding living arrangements, offer local gym memberships, and even assist employee spouses in finding employment in the new location. For employees moving internationally, you may provide expert help–from your staff or by hiring a consultant–to assist with the immigration process. These things are an essential way that you can show employees you truly care. Setting a positive, supportive tone from the beginning of a new working relationship will pay off in many ways in the long run.

On your relocation checklist will be the very important “Hire a professional moving company and professional movers.” When planning for business relocation, vetting quality movers will make a huge difference in the success of your move. Be prepared to take the time necessary to research different companies, ask questions, and read reviews and testimonials. This is not something you want to do quickly or at the last minute, and then be unhappy with the quality of service during the actual move. Once you select professionals to help with the move, be sure to remain in contact with them leading up to the relocation day or days. You will not want to skimp on quality when it comes to the people who are physically moving your business and employee possessions.

Set and Communicate Clear Policies

Communication can make or break business relocation. From the beginning, make sure you have set relocation policies that are clear and understandable to everyone involved. And ensure that everyone has received and understood those policies as well! This helps everyone involved feel secure and sure, and will also cut back on time spent answering the same questions over and over. Employees will be concerned about things like reimbursement–will the employee pay for moving expenses and be reimbursed later? How will that process work? Should they keep receipts? Or will the company pay costs upfront? Be clear with employees about what exactly you will be paying for and helping with, and to what extent.

Some other things to consider when communicating your relocation policies and information include when exactly the employees will report to their first day of work, and a specific point of contact they should reach out to with questions or concerns. Even with the best policies and the best communication, there will likely be questions and problems that come up. Make sure the employees are able to get in touch with someone who can help, and that their concerns are heard, validated, and answered efficiently.

When the inevitable problem arises during business relocation–items broken in transport, delayed flights, etc.–set the tone by being a positive sounding board for your employees. Hear them and reassure them. Your resiliency and responsiveness here will set the tone moving forward with business in your new location.

Choose Reputable Companies To Assist With Relocation

As mentioned above, choosing reputable and professional movers is an essential part of a successful relocation. Doing this will help avoid unnecessary stress and prevent struggles along the way to the new location. Even if you have experience with business relocation, your employees may not. You will enjoy being able to take a small step back to let professionals handle the big move, and employees will be pleased when their relocation is handled properly with as little trouble as possible.

Pacific Crating and Shipping can help with your employee and business relocation! For more than 30 years, employees and their companies have trusted PCS to provide problem-free local, interstate, and international moves, superior custom crates, and dependable shipping services. We would love to help you with your upcoming move.

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