Ship a Car to Peru-International Shipping Things to Know

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Peru is a beautiful country with diverse habitats ranging from rainforests to arid plains and snow-capped mountains. If you are moving to Peru and want to experience all this beauty with as much independence and freedom as possible, you might be consider taking your car with you. If you decide to look further into Peru as a retirement destination, keep in mind that you have a variety of climates and landscapes available. There is the warm weather coast, the cool and crisp Andes regions, and the high sierra where it’s dry and sunny most of the year. For example, in the capital, Lima, it is warm most of the year. Head north along the coast to Trujillo and you have a mild climate—warm during the day, cool at night. But go to the interior to the city of Arequipa, set at 7,638 feet and you’ll enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year, with temperatures in the 70s F. While in the Andean town of Cusco—at 11,000 feet—and the nearby Sacred Valley of the Incas, the weather is cooler on average and you definitely need a warm sweater at night.

If international moving interests you and you are planning on being in Peru for a long period of time, it could be worth it to ship a car overseas along with the rest of your belongings. In order to ship a car to Peru, it cannot be older than five years or have more than 80,000 kilometers (50,000 miles) on it. When you ship a car to Peru, the general tax on used vehicles is 30% and the general tax on new vehicles is about 10%. If you plan to ship a car to Peru, you will need to get some important original paperwork together. This includes the: Title Vehicle registration Insurance policy

You will also need an Inspection Certificate, Gas Emissions Certificate and Declaration of Value. The cargo shipping company you are working with can guide you through this process and help you obtain all of the correct paperwork before you ship a car to Peru.

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