Student Movers

It is an exciting time of the year when you are moving into student dorms or returning to your student life after a semester break. This excitement also comes with a lot of responsibilities such as organizing and packing your belongings. Now that can be a headache, especially when you are constrained for time. Carrying the entire luggage across locations can be heavy on your student budget. It makes it so much more difficult to enjoy the new opportunity!.

With PCS, you can set aside your worries. Let us do the worrying for you. As your trusted and reliable moving partner, here’s a host of benefits you will enjoy when you partner with us:

  • Free packing boxes: We understand that student life can have cost constraints. PCS will get you the required packing boxes for free!.
  • Free moving quote:: We want you to enjoy your new life. You can be rest assured that we will give you accurate quotes to move your belongings for free.
  • Moving and Transporting: We will organize the pick-up once you have all your boxes taped and numbered. Book an online appointment or call our customer care to walk you through the process.
  • Additional services:  We also offer additional services such as insurance coverage, tracking the shipment and providing updates, move coordinator to keep you informed, and door-to-door collection.