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Crates made of plastic have superseded their wooden and stainless steel counterparts. Plastic crates used for the transport of bottles of milk, water, beer and others are made up of heavy duty polyethylene. They are designed for secure stacking and can be returned to be reused. Bottle crates are interlocking boxes with either square or rectangular shapes. They are used in transporting milk, dairy products and other beverages to retail establishments.

Plastic crates are durable packing containers. Manufacturers have considerably improved their weathering performance, impact resistance attributes and overall efficiency. Some items have an ergonomic designs for ease of handling. Surprisingly long lived, they are reusable as evidenced by some crates that have been recycled since their initial use that dated back to the 1960s.

There are crate rental companies that offer skates and other types of handling equipment. They also have accessories to label the crates as well as to protect their contents. There are those with washing facilities with services that can be added to the crate rental contract. For businesses with their own stock of purchased crates, pallets and trays, they can avail of the services of the washing facilities on a stand alone contract.

Most of these washing facilities have a washing protocol. Their services for the crate, pallet and tray washing include a controlled wash process, microbial swab testing and label removal. They also provide the appropriate temperature control, ascertain adequate detergent consumption and take care of drying the containers. They take charge of placing protective wrapping on the containers, subject them to final inspection and deliver them afterward.

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