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Arturo Pena


Arturo Pena grew up in Bellavista, Peru. His family worked hard to get ahead, and his father modeled a work ethic of timeliness and reliability that became some of Arturo’s core traits.

He made the hard decision to leave home and come to the United States to escape economic depression and to seek the American Dream. He began working for PCS Relocation Services and, after 11 years, went to work for a larger company in the same industry.

Three years later, he received a phone call and was asked to partner with the owner of PCS, which he accepted. A few years ago, Arturo became the sole owner.

He has been in the relocation services industry for nearly 40 years. During that time, he has been instrumental in helping to grow the company and staying up to date with technology.

Arturo is proud that PCS is one of the top shippers in San Francisco, with many clients who have been serviced only once and many more who keep coming back for relocation services. He has become well-known for his honesty and ability to solve some of the most challenging relocation problems.

Arturo continued his education in business administration while living in Peru and attended San Francisco College and the Stanford University Latino Business Network Program. He lives in San Francisco and has two sons, 18 and 16.

Lisette Perez

General Manager

Lisette knows how challenging an international move can be. Moving to the U.S. from Peru as her mother pursued a better life for their family, she understands the hopes, dreams, and difficulties presented by relocation. As general manager, Lisette takes on many different roles, but her focus is always on clients, their needs, and ensuring they have peace of mind throughout the entire process of their move.

Lisette believes that the business of relocation services is not just about shipping clients’ items but is also about taking the time to listen and reassure them they are in excellent hands. She is passionate about the people behind the move—the clients who trust PCS to deliver their items safely and those who work hard to make sure every move is successful. 

Nael Morones

International Relocations Manager

Nael is much more than a person on the phone who listens carefully and takes care of every detail for a client’s relocation. As the international relocations manager, she is a trusted partner who is resourceful, empathetic, and unfailingly kind, traits she shares with her mother, who has inspired her. Clients sense this in Nael, often sharing their stories, fears, and hopes for the future with her.

In addition to ensuring clients’ belongings arrive safely at their final destination, Nael encourages those going through a difficult time, reminding them not to let circumstances hold them back. She is experienced and passionate about helping others, guiding them through the process, and reassuring them that they are in safe hands. Nael defines excellence through service.

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