Office Movers – How it Needs to Be Planned Properly

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A corporate relocation can be an extremely challenging time. It is filled with both the excitement of moving to a more suitable space and the anxiety of the disruption caused by the moving process. Since a business is likely already anticipating increased rent and other expenses associated with the new building, it can be daunting to tally up the moving expenses. But before you conclude that the only the lowest bidding moving company will have a chance, here are some ways that an ill-planned office move can actually cost you money.

Loss of productivity
Hopefully, your move signals that business is good, requiring more people and more space. You know you need to keep your employees happy because they work hard to keep the customers happy. Inevitably, a move is going to require additional work for every employee as they organize and pack their personal effects. But the best moving companies will work on your behalf to minimize this impact, working after-hours and on weekends.

Ideally, employees will leave the old office space at the close of business one day and start work in the new building at the start of the next business day. This means that work spaces will be well planned and technological equipment will be operating. Also, keep in mind the importance of minimizing labor required by your office workers. Nearly two-thirds of all worker compensation claims are from back injuries caused by lifting.

Loss due to damage
Most relocation services will carefully inventory your assets for insurance purposes and to protect against loss. They will check building rules regulations and access to avoid legal issues. They will use proven techniques combined with protective covering on rugs and walls to maintain the quality of your facility. They will know how to properly pack expensive equipment and computers to avoid damage. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your property has been cared for.

Loss due to purchase of duplicate furniture, etc
Experienced movers will be familiar with both the old building and the new building. They can help assess how current furniture, modular pieces and equipment will best fit into the new space. This can eliminate the purchase of unnecessary new pieces.

In order to identify a mover who can provide this service, be sure that they specialize in office moves, not only residential. Verify their credentials with The Better Business Bureau (BBB), the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and the Department of Transportation.

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