How to Protect Your IT Equipment When Moving Office


So, you are in the process of arranging an office move but are worried about how that precious IT equipment is likely to survive the journey.

Here we’ll offer some top tips as to how to protect your valuable kit and when we talk about IT equipment here, we are including everything – items such as laptops, tablets and where not been transported in your pocket, even smartphones.

  1. Review your insurance position. Yes, this may seem a little defeatist but whatever protection steps you take there is always the chance of something being damaged perhaps even beyond repair. So, make sure you have appropriate insurance protection and remember that some policies may not cover items in transit. Read the fine detail!
  2. Read those user guides that are probably sitting, largely unread, in your filing cabinet. They may well contain useful advice and guidance on how to protect the piece of kit concerned if you need to move it.
  3. Make sure anything that contains data, including things such as videos and image files, is safely backed up onto another device or storage medium somewhere. This used to be time-consuming and tedious but today can be rapidly done using a variety of equipment or Cloud based facilities. In a sense, this is just another form of insurance just in case something goes wrong.
  4. Select your professional office removals company carefully. Some may be particularly experienced in commercial and technology removals. They may be able to offer you a variety of tips and perhaps even provide special boxes in certain situations.
  5. Make sure your items are well packed. Generally things such as bubble wrap and very strong cardboard boxes should be regarded as being essential. You may also wish to make sure that any screens are covered with some form of hard protection in order to reduce the chances of them being broken or badly scratched etc. It might also be a smart idea, assuming your budget will permit it, to get your technology professionally packed rather than try and do it on a DIY basis.
  6. Remember that damage can be both a physical and software thing. So, try to avoid simply pulling out plugs between boxes and devices right, left and centre as you are packing. Sometimes individual IT devices need to be disconnected from each other and shut down in a very specific fashion and sequence if the risk of software damage is to be avoided. If this all sounds like gobbledygook then you should consult an IT specialist as soon as possible.
  7. If you have done your own packing, don’t forget to inform your removals company which boxes contain your very fragile equipment and ask for them to be given special handling consideration. Contrary to some street rumour, professional removals companies will always take this sort of request seriously and allocate that little bit of extra care to your fragile items.
  8. Assuming again that you are doing your own packing, make sure you allocate sufficient time to do it carefully, thoroughly and in a planned fashion. Trying to rush everything in the last 5 minutes before your removals vehicle is due to arrive is a recipe for insufficient care and attention being given to the task with the highly probable result being smashed equipment upon arrival!

Damage to Information Technology equipment that has been professionally packed, uplifted and transported is comparatively rare. Damage to kit that has been self-packed and put on the back of a friend’s van is sadly rather more commonplace. So, try to avoid taking wild risks with your packing and shipping. Let the experts do it for you.

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