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When a business decides to relocate, and picks a site after careful analysis and comparison, the next step is to develop a suitable relocation strategy on the operational level. Are you trying to move an office to another floor or are you probably making plans on moving the whole company to a better office? We do have in-depth knowledge on moving corporate entities to help arrange every phase of the move, making it seamless and smooth.

Moving corporate office entails transporting furniture, fragile materials and also vital documents, PacificCrating takes care of the needs of your move from the beginning to the end.

Firstly, a specialist that deals in corporate moving will contact you and discuss the strategies that would be used to make your moving plan optimal. Additionally, there is a foreman that does the walk-through in your presence to analyze the details of your moving situation. Before you finally relocate, the boxes that would be used for packing your belongings and equipment would be sent to you at a convenient time or brought on the day of the move.

Then moving crew would visit your business office and would label and tag all the items therein. The new space that would be used for the office would also be tagged and properly labelled to make sure that every item of yours is properly placed inside. You can be sure the office building won’t be damaged at all. The office furniture and equipment will be carefully wrapped and packed in an effective manner. A staff would begin to load all your property for fast transport using dollies and elevators on the actual day.

As soon as the belongings arrive at the destination, our crew does the job of unloading and unpacking them. They will also set up the office to your taste and satisfaction. If you are making plans to move to another city in Bay Area for example, there is no need to be worried about where movers would store all the property gotten from the office. Hence, there should not be a trace of worry in you if you ever need to take one or two things from the storage

Moving corporate office entails transporting furniture, fragile materials and also vital documents. So ensure that you employ a corporate mover who has foreknowledge of the pros and cons of business moving.

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