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The room used for dining would usually contain most of your stemware and china that are fragile. Each of those items should be wrapped carefully in paper. While chinaware should be placed inside cartons meant for packing dishes, stemware should be placed in cellular partitions. It is good to include your items that have values over a hundred dollars for each pound.

  • Glasses and china that are larger as well as platters or flat plates are ideal for placement at the bottom of the carton
  • Paper that has been crushed should be used to surround the bundles. Ensure that empty spaces are not left out
  • About three inches of paper should be added above the bundles as a protection for the rims. This will make the base a bit more flat for another tier
  • The layers can be kept level with the aid of cardboard partitions that are horizontal
  • The second layer can contain saucers as well as shallow plates and bowls. They should be wrapped and arranged just as before

Curios, figurines and fragile items

  • Always ensure that these item are protected well enough by using as many cushions as possible
  • Firstly, they should be wrapped using facial tissues, towels or paper. They can then be wrapped in another that has been flattened and wadded.
  • Pictures, plaques and mirrors that are not large can be wrapped one by one with tissue papers that have newsprints on the outside
  • Blankets and towels used for bathing are very good for padding and wrapping glass
  • Any item that is flat should be placed on the edge of the carton

Breakable items

  • Check out a professional from a moving firm concerning how to pack items that are exceptionally breakable.
  • If those items are well above the hundred dollars for each pound mark, they should be penned down on the inventory from so that adequate valuation can be covered.
  • Special property should be given maximum care and protection

Bases for lamps

After the harp and electric bulbs have been removed, each of the bases should be wrapped in separate newsprint. They should be placed together inside a carton whilst filling up any void with paper that has been waded.

Shades for lamps

  • Shades meant for lamps should never be wrapped with newspapers.
  • This is because newspaper inks often stain the shades.
  • On the contrary, they should be wrapped with care in no less than three sheets of tissue, large towels or pillowcases.

Shades for leaded glasses and chandeliers

  • It is often recommended that you ask the professional from the moving firm for help in packing chandeliers and shades for glass lamps.
  • Larges flower vases and mirrors, paintings, tops for glass tables and marble.
  • A good advice is to consult the moving organization you chose and ask them to give you specially-made crates and cartons that are used to pack items like these.

A corporate relocation can be an extremely challenging time. It is filled with both the excitement of moving to a more suitable space and the anxiety of the disruption caused by the moving process. Since a business is likely already anticipating increased rent and other expenses associated with the new building, it can be daunting to tally up the moving expenses. But before you conclude that the only the lowest bidding moving company will have a chance, here are some ways that an ill-planned office move can actually cost you money.

Loss of productivity
Hopefully, your move signals that business is good, requiring more people and more space. You know you need to keep your employees happy because they work hard to keep the customers happy. Inevitably, a move is going to require additional work for every employee as they organize and pack their personal effects. But the best moving companies will work on your behalf to minimize this impact, working after-hours and on weekends.

Ideally, employees will leave the old office space at the close of business one day and start work in the new building at the start of the next business day. This means that work spaces will be well planned and technological equipment will be operating. Also, keep in mind the importance of minimizing labor required by your office workers. Nearly two-thirds of all worker compensation claims are from back injuries caused by lifting.

Loss due to damage
Most relocation services will carefully inventory your assets for insurance purposes and to protect against loss. They will check building rules regulations and access to avoid legal issues. They will use proven techniques combined with protective covering on rugs and walls to maintain the quality of your facility. They will know how to properly pack expensive equipment and computers to avoid damage. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your property has been cared for.

Loss due to purchase of duplicate furniture, etc
Experienced movers will be familiar with both the old building and the new building. They can help assess how current furniture, modular pieces and equipment will best fit into the new space. This can eliminate the purchase of unnecessary new pieces.

In order to identify a mover who can provide this service, be sure that they specialize in office moves, not only residential. Verify their credentials with The Better Business Bureau (BBB), the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and the Department of Transportation.

An office move that is not well prepared might cause stress to your employees. Some steps need to be taken to make sure the office move has a minimal impact on your staff as possible. You can’t just “improvise” an office move. When a company relocates it’s offices, the workers are often the ones that suffer the most from disorientation.

It is important to handle any corporate or commercial move with professional specialized moving specialists. Some large companies understood this moving concept years ago and worked on developing office moving strategies to make the commercial relocation go more smoothly and economically. This will reduce stress on employees and ensure that they will be more productive in a shorter span of time at the new location destination. The office furniture and the flooring of the new business location might seem like a trivial detail but for employees it is important to familiarize themselves with the new office environment before the move. Make sure to take a least every head of department to the new move location to get them familiarized with the new business location.

You should also hold a meeting to prepare you staff for your upcoming office move, this is especially important for the logistics aspect of the move and relocation of workstations and computers. Some new furnishings might need to be purchased to adapt to the new office ergonomics requirements. Care must also be taken on flooring of the office, what kind of carpet will be used will make a very big difference on the coaster rollers of the office chairs, some plastic lining might need to be purchased so that the chairs roll properly.

If you plan ahead and take every precaution before the move and well in advance things should go a lot more smoothly for the relocation of your business.

Are you trying to move an office to another floor or are you probably making plans on moving the whole company to a better office? Well, whatever your plans are at this point, this article will be of great help in your decision making.

Irrespective of what you really want to do when moving, it is vital that you hire a moving company with in-depth knowledge on moving corporate entities. The most important priority of moving a corporate entity is that it should be seamless and smooth.

Moving corporate office entails transporting furniture, fragile materials and also vital documents. So ensure that you employ a corporate mover who has foreknowledge of the pros and cons of business moving. You can receive several quotes sometimes and I bet you, it is very enticing. You might see yourself going for an inexpensive mover just because of costs. However, at the end of it all, you would discover that it was not worthwhile. There is a very high probability that an inexpensive mover can damage your company’s property and they might not also stick to the agreed time and schedule.

So look for a mover who will not only assist you in moving but will also provide a truck and a professional crew on the moving day. A good mover will be ready to help arrange every phase of the move.

A reliable mover – be it for home or corporate purposes – will always takes care of the needs of your move from the beginning to the end. Firstly, a specialist that deals in corporate moving will contact you and discuss the strategies that would be used to make your moving plan optimal. Additionally, there is a foreman that does the walk-through in your presence to analyze the details of your moving situation. Before you finally relocate, the boxes that would be used for packing your belongings and equipment would be sent to you at a convenient time or brought on the day of the move.

Then moving crew would visit your business office and would label and tag all the items therein. The new space that would be used for the office would also be tagged and properly labeled to make sure that every item of yours is properly placed inside. You can be sure the office building won’t be damaged at all. The office furniture and equipment will be carefully wrapped and packed in an effective manner. A staff would begin to load all your property for fast transport using dollies and elevators on the actual day.

As soon as the belongings arrive at the destination, another crew does the job of unloading and unpacking them. They will also set up the office to your taste and satisfaction. If you are making plans to move to another city in New York for example, there is no need to be worried about where movers would store all the property gotten from the office. Hence, there should not be a trace of worry in you if you ever need to take one or two things from the storage.

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