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A pallet is a level transport structure that can be loaded with products on top. Pallets with heavy loads are hauled using forklift trucks or front loaders. Pallets with light loads can be lifted with hand drawn or hand pumped pallet jacks or other jacking devices.

A pallet supports goods by providing stability while they are being airlifted by a jacking device such as a forklift, front loader or pallet jack. It is also the structural foundation that permits the handling and storage efficiency of a specific unit load.

Before shipment or land transport, the goods that are put on a pallet are secured with shrink wrap, stretch wrap or strapping. Heavy stacks can be easily moved with the use of pallets. They can be hauled either by a forklift truck or front loader. Also, they can be hand-drawn with pallet jacks.

Passage of goods through doorways and buildings is possible with a small pallet designed for such purpose. Large pallets used for loading and unloading heavier stuff are also available. There are pallet suppliers that provide businesses with reusable pallets equipped with vital tracking devices.

Some pallet management companies also offer to supply and maintain pallets at reasonable rates. Commercial businesses often need to transport their products. They either buy or rent packing crates, depending on their business options.

We offer efficient and reliable commercial crates and other packing materials like bread trays, food pallet boxes, other types of pallets and collapsible containers for easy and efficient transport of goods.

Shipping During the Coronavirus

All company office staff are fully operational and able to provide uninterrupted services, even under such circumstances.

We will continue to provide packing and delivery services, under guidance from local authorities.

Our warehouse is fully operational and prepared to receive Export & Import shipments.

In accordance with orders from the sates of California, TRANSPORTATION industry is permitted to continue shipping services under the special Coronavirus Health & Safety Social Distancing procedures.

Dear Customer, As we all deal with daily life changes due to COVID-19, we will be implementing Social Distancing measures while performing our services at your home. We do need your assistance and compliance during this time. To maintain the safety of our employees, customers and general public, The crew members will wear gloves and masks while performing our services.

Customer Advisory:

  • Our packing crew have been advised not to shake customers hands.
  • Customers must wear a mouth mask, while we are in service.
  • For packings less than 200 Cubic Feet, place all items in a dedicated room, garage or outdoor space, for our crew to pack & remove.
  • For deliveries, we will only deliver to a garage or dedicated rooms. We will unpack furniture and special items only. We will return to collect boxes and materials on separate time/date, for services within 50 Miles from a company warehouse.
  • No more than 1 family member can be present to supervise our crew.
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from our crew members.

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PCS Management & Employees


Is it time for you to relocate your space? Are you considering a local move from San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Francisco to California or are you looking for international moving companies? You probably did speak to people who have moved in the past and their experience with the movers. Some may have had horror stories to share while others may have their share of truths to share. Over time as such opinions move around, they crystalize as facts or myths become accepted truths. When you decide to move, it is important to remember that though there may be an element of truth to these stories, there is also a sense of exaggeration that you need to evaluate. So you need to really do a thorough research before making a decision. You will come to discover more truths and realize that some were never even discussed!

Local and international movers San Francisco

Busting the Myths

We all want to save a few bucks during a move. You may have possibly read or been told that it may be cheaper to opt for a rental truck than hire the services of a moving company. But have you considered that when it boils down to the pricing, there may not be so much of a difference?

  • * One option includes all services bundled in while for the other, apart from paying for the truck rental, you will have to pay for insurance, fuel, tolls, permits and the list only keeps adding on.
  • With professional movers, they are also responsible for taking care of your belongings and are liable for any damage to your property during transit. This is not so in the case of renting a truck, where you are pretty much responsible for every aspect of your move and your property.

    Services of a moving company

  • * Some may convince you that you are better off packing and moving on your own than hiring professionals who may not deliver.
  • The professionals will also be far more acquainted in preparing for local moves or international moves that involve numerous documents. If you are on your own, consider the odds of missing a critical documentation? Your goods will be held up until the required paper work is cleared and this could be a long drawn process.

  • * Do not be surprised to hear that all local or international movers are no different from each other or charge the same rates or similar rates across the board. Nothing can be more different from the truth.
  • Every movers and packers organisation offers a range of services and special features. Some may be new to the business while others may have enjoyed a long run with good customer reviews. The rates reflect these service offerings.

    Packaging and Moving internationally

  • * You can pick up any moving box from the local grocery store or the liquor store. After all, all boxes are one and the same! Wrong again. The box you choose should be suitable for the item you are packaging. Boxes should be durable to withstand the journey. Grocery bags can be flimsy and can wear down quickly, damaging your goods in the process.
  • Use the right box of the right size to package your belongings. Also label them appropriately to help you offload and organize your space quickly.


    Are you in the business of shipping? Does your business involve both local and overseas shipping services? You probably also use craters and freighters for the transportation of goods and services. With a large, diverse clientele with a variety of packing and shipping needs, you may want to consider designing custom crates from recycled materials to not only ensure the items are secured and reach their intended destination without a scratch, but also save time and cost. You can also create reusable crates which can be used in trade shows and events.

    How to begin custom crating

    Designing Custom Crates

    Designing custom crates can be a lot of fun and learning. Each furniture or item that needs to be shipped may be of a different dimension. So if you are getting into the idea or business of custom crating service, remember there is no one size that fits all. Initially, the process may be time consuming. However, if you are organized and have a plan in place, then you should be able to build your custom crate in under five to ten minutes!

    Overseas Shipping Services

      – This also means that you will require highly skilled staff and resources that are trained to assess the packaging needs of any shipment and plan accordingly.
      – For example, depending on the nature of the shipment such as perishable or hazardous items, it may require foam lining, blocking and bracing, or a custom paint job.
      – With the world moving towards a greener environment, the need to identify and use recyclable materials has become a necessity.
      – Implement strategies in your organisation that collect manufacturing scrap items such as hinges, plywood, nails, or melamine sheets for instance and utilize them in your shipping crates.

    Let’s say that you have a shipment that has to travel a short distance in one small vehicle. In that case, you can use the recycled items to build a custom crate, mount the item, and then secure the crate with a wooden frame to protect it from damage. However, in the case of furniture that may be moved innumerable times between warehouses and trucks, it will require far more protection to prevent any damage to the item. In that case, your custom crate should be fully enclosed in a protective material such as oriental strand board sheathing or plywood.

    Craters and Freighters in San Francisco

    Keep in mind that the items you use such as natural wood will also need to have the ISPM stamp also known as, International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures that ensure prevention of transmission of invasive species between countries. This means that the wood has been treated for pests. However processed wood products do not require this certification. Ensure you use heavy-duty screws to fasten your crate and secure it with a screw gun. Avoid being tempted to use temporary screws that will corrode quickly, lose their strength and compromise your business.

    Do some homework on the pricing for the dimensions. Each size and dimension attract different rates. The more denser your crate is, the better rate you are most probably going to get.


    Whether you are preparing yourself for a local move from San Francisco to California or if you are engaging International moving companies, the key word is to prepare for the move, so tomorrow you are not sorry.  A thorough preparation well-in-advance will ensure that you have not missed out any item in the checklist. Should you miss out even crucial item during ahead of your relocation, it could make all the difference between a successful move and a failed one. So if you are relocating to another country or planning to locally move to another place, start doing your homework right away. You will be all set before your international movers or local movers and packers arrive.

    Packing and Moving - San Francisco

    The Prep Work

    First things, first! Pay close attention even to the smallest of details. Do not underestimate the impact of any item on your overall moving and relocation process.

      – Start scouting the area to identify a list of potential international moving companies or international movers if you are relocating to a new country. Even if it is a local move from San Francisco to California, the same rule applies.
      – Check with immediate family and friends who can give you their trustworthy referrals, based on their own packing and moving experience.
      – Look into the background of these international movers and local movers. This should include the number of years in the business, the services they offer, and customer reviews. This should give you considerable insight to help you shortlist the list of movers and packers you want to move further with.
      – In the next round of drill-down, speak to the shortlisted companies for free estimates based on your relocation needs. This should also help you compare it to your budget you would have allocated for your relocation needs.
      – Reputed and professional movers will also walk you through the entire relocation process including the documentation that is required for customs if applicable.

    local move from San Francisco to California

    So now that you have zeroed in your international movers or local mover, is the job done? Not at all. You still have the huge job of segregating items that you no longer need, fragile items that have to be packed with the right material, and packing other regular items that need to be organized in boxes. You can choose to either give away items you no longer need or sell them and save a few bucks in the process.

    Need to do before movers arrive

    There may be items that your movers and packers may not ship such as hazardous items, for example. Pack the items in the right carton or package. Why pay unnecessarily for extra weight?

    Another best practice is to label the boxes and organize them according to your new space. So objects that need to be organized in the living room can be directly placed in its new space without any chaos or confusion.

    Before the movers arrive, secure your house to protect it from any damage during the move. Also organize the parking lot for the team to move the items with ease into the truck, without obstructing anyone’s driveway or traffic.


    The prospect of moving your home or office to an entirely new location can be a daunting task. It can be exciting or stressful depending on how well you have prepared for the entire relocation. Irrespective of whether you choose overseas shipping services, crating services, craters or freighters, long distance moves can become time-consuming and frustrating.  To make the process easier, it is important to do your groundwork.

    Local moves from San Francisco to Sacramento

    Planning for Local and Long Distance Moves

    Plan Well in Advance

    You must start your groundwork well-in-advance of your relocation date. Typically a two to three-month window will give you enough time to do your research about the local or long distance moving companies in the area. There are dime a dozen of such professional movers that are listed online as well as in books. Not everyone can meet your needs. There are a number of criteria to consider when evaluating movers and making the final decision.

    Crating and shipping service

      – First make a list of the potential movers you want to consider. This can also be based on recommendations from family and friends.
      – Next, you must engage with them regularly to understand the range of services they provide. For example, check if they provide crating services, professionals to pack your items, overseas shipping, including craters and freighters
      – Based on first impressions, you will be able to gauge their customer service standards. You will know if you will receive sufficient support if you have any issues.
      – Filter this list further to make a final selection.

    Complete Sufficient Background Check

    Second, once you have filtered this list, research their background to understand their experience in the field.

    Local movers in San Francisco

      – A well-established company also has a documented procedure is probably a better choice.
      – Probe and ask as many questions as possible.
      – Check for the choice of materials that will be in use for the kind of furniture you want to move. If you havmaterials materials e fragile items or items of high value, clearly bring this forward.

    Further, with the world materials moving towards the use of environment friendly and reusable materials, ensure your movers do the same.
    Another good option is to verify the reputation of your movers and packers with the Chamber of Commerce. Given their business needs, both organisations enjoy a mutual healthy business relationship.

    Check for movable quotes

    Long Distance Movers - Moving Quote

    Check for quotes offered by your movable company. You have not yet made your decision at this time, but simply getting all the key evaluating criteria together. A thorough professional company will give a clear estimation for the type of service you choose. Freights and craters will have different quotes from overseas shipping and crating services. Based on further analysis and discussions, an established company will provide alternative options to help you make a choice.

    Check other details

    Ask the company to clearly lay out what is included as part of their services and what is not in their scope. Further, check if they offer insurance for your belongings and the extent of coverage. This critical piece of information will help you determine what you want to pack and prepare for the move.


    Today’s market place is more competitive than ever. It is not just a monopoly of a handful of key players, but has become a level playing field for all businesses irrespective of their size. The access to resources, infrastructure, and the ability to absorb financial fluctuations are some of the differentiating factors among them. Cost invariably becomes a crucial tipping point during major decision making.

    Make less on shipping costs with perfect packaging

    The e-commerce business for example involves a tremendous amount of packaging and shipping products to customers. It does not mean that costs are automatically high, but what it draws our attention to is that by revisiting the processes and through continuous improvement, it is possible to refine your costs and make your returns on investment, more attractive both for your business and your customers.

    Packing Tips Tricks for Overseas Shipping

    Managing shipping costs

    Depending on the nature of the business, it can be labour intensive or can be automated. Today, with the dearth of skills and resources, the cost of labour has been sky rocketing. With changing times and advanced technology available at your doorstep, it is a time to re-evaluate which aspects of your processes can be automated to cut down on the cost. There are a number of on-site packaging solutions available that you can leverage to bring down your overall costs by packaging your products in your own facility rather than sourcing them outside. In such as a case, even the overall logistics control and transportation becomes much more easier to monitor and manage.

    Packing and Transportation Internationally

    You also have a host of materials to choose from since we are moving towards a more environmentally conscious world where customers are sensitive to carbon footprints. Studies have showed that a large percentage of wastage was generated from containers and packaging materials. The nature of the business environment also considers the social aspects along with the economic aspects to deliver optimal solutions. There are envelopes made from a certain portion of recycled materials, which in turn can be completely recycled. So doing your research in the kind of materials and packaging solutions are available is essential. Further, it also saves time, consumes comparatively less space, and improves productivity when you are especially dealing with high volume orders in seasons and time is money.

    Packing Materials for Shipping

    If you have been predominantly using boxes for your packaging and shipping, then choose the right size for the product and avoid paying for excess space or weight. Even better, if you can move away from the boxes to using bags or envelopes depending on the kind of shipment, then you will be able to restructure your overall costs incurred, even better. The costing in this case is based on dimensional pricing than the traditional method of going by the weight. Sometimes, it is the simple things that we overlook that contribute to the overall cost such as paying penalties for incorrect shipping address! Ensure you have a process in place to verify your shipping address. Finally, negotiate a good discount or pricing with your carrier or carriers. By identifying a carrier as your primary, you can also check for exclusive rates for your company.


    In a fast paced world that we live in today, the need for direct store visits are slowly waning. With a host of ecommerce portals offering a myriad of services, online shopping from any part of the region or country are quickly becoming the norm. Be it vegetables, electronics, furniture, or essentials, almost everything can be procured online. When an order is placed, it does not simply imply a delivery. Customers pay for the secure packaging using the right packaging materials, on-time delivery, and receiving a good that is intact without any damage. No customer is going to be happy if they are going to receive a late shipment.

    International Relocation and Moving Companies - US

    In order to establish their brand‘s trust worthiness and reliability, shipment services also offer online tracking where the customer can track the movement of their goods from one point to another until it reaches its final destination. While the large corporations have quickly warmed up to these new developments, the smaller retailers that are yet to catch on may find these rules and regulations quite overwhelming to deal with initially.

    Overseas Shipping Services - packing containers

    Pump up your shipping

    Irrespective of the size and volume of your shipment, be it large containers or just a few boxes, it is critical that you package the items exactly. Why would you want to pay unnecessarily for excess weight and space? Choose the right packaging for the goods depending on their size. Irrespective of how small the deviation is, you will have to pay for that excess simply because you overlooked these small details. Remember, in shipping, the cost you pay is for both the size of the goods and its corresponding weight. So keep yourself abreast of the market and play with a few different styles of shipping products and sizes to get an idea of what will work best for the kind of goods you have to ship.

    Different Dimensions of Shipping Containers

    There may be a type of shipment that you are probably shipping more frequently than the others, and sometimes you may get a variation. Having an understanding of the kinds of shipment sizes you have to work with frequently will also help determine the best packaging material and size that will ensure you do not have cough up more money unnecessarily. Another aspect to consider is the type of products that can be shipped at a feasible rate. Even if you have received a large order, imagine if the cost of shipping is ten times more than its retail price. International shipping is also a complex and daunting process since you need to be well aware of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed as part of the country’s export and import rules and regulations.

    Different Size of shipping boxes for packing

    In order to help customers, service providers such as UPS, also provide a list of regulations applicable in the destination country. Along with that, it is important that you also carry out some due diligence to understand the possibilities of shipping different products. Establish a good process driven protocol and timely communication with all your stakeholders such as customers, warehouse, and logistics provider.

    The shipping industry needs no introduction. It has been around for decades shaping the transportation and logistics market. It has been a major contributor to the expansion of business and trade across the globe and is considered an efficient and effective mode of transportation of goods and services. Over the years with the world moving towards a trend dictated by a fast-paced technological growth, the shipping methods have also been impacted positively in the way they do business.
    Shipping and Crating Services US
    There has been a shift from traditional methods of transportation to more advanced technological methods. As the world economy continues to evolve, it also determines import and export prices and the way business is conducted. Mergers and acquisitions have also become commonplace to ensure everyone gets a share of the pie.
    Trends & Technologies
    Traditionally, the shipping industry used cargo, ships, radio signals for its transportation and communication with the logistic providers. Today, sensor technology has replaced the manual method of checking equipment on-board. By mapping the entire machinery to sensors that uses wireless technology, it has now become for time and cost efficient for teams to monitor and track the working conditions of the machinery. Using sensors means that they need to calibrated for improved performance and maximising efficiency. By harnessing the capabilities of this technology and pairing it with artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, it is even possible to access remote locations, read data and provide an analysis within a faster time-period.
    Overseas Shipping Services
    Large corporates such as Amazon and Google are employing deep learning to study the shipping industry and build advanced data centres that will provide them deeper insights into their customer’s consumption pattern. These intelligence technologies make it easier to navigate the waters even without human interaction! So there has been a huge shift from a labour-intensive strategy to an investment in leading technologies that can improve both the landscape of the business as well as the overall customer experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already taken the business world by storm. IoT refers to the network of devices connected seamlessly to each other to create an interdependent system using software, sensors, electronics and other technologies.
    Trends and Technologies in the shipping industry
    In the shipping industry, imagine hooking up all the devices to sensors for example. Monitoring and maintenance becomes easier since data is exchanged seamlessly and in real-time. The Maersk Group is a leader in this space. Technological development blurs boundaries, but it does throw curveballs. It does not mean that everything is going to happen within a blink of an eye. Remotely controlled shipping vessels are being built and will be tested. This means shipping vessels will navigate the waters unmanned.
    However, on a practical note, assisted transportation has been put forward has a better alternative to a completely unmanned vessel. Blockchain is yet another buzzword that has been dominating the industry talks for a while now. The influence of the crypto-company on maritime transactions and global supply chain markets is huge today. Augmented reality, robotics, and virtual reality are other trends that continue to aggressively shape the way businesses think today.

    It may be easier to ship a product, but for the shipping company the responsibilities begin just there, and it is not easy! The process of shipping a customer’s product from its point of origin to its final destination is fraught with innumerable obstacles to deal with such a package that is damaged or lost during transit, any other hidden fees that you may not be aware of, and of course, the most difficult process of them all is wading through the huge pile of paperwork that is required for customs and ensuring your product is cleared for shipment, getting your taxes in order, and then understanding and figuring out the logistics.
    Tips for Ship a Product Internationally
    Efficiency and discipline is paramount in this industry, but these are the very issues the industry is also battling amidst growing competition. However, all these challenges can be handled effectively with better planning and employing a few tips to make it a hassle free experience.
    Handling Shipping Challenges
    Almost every business enjoys both a local demand as well as an international demand. It does not matter that your business may be targeted locally, but there may still be potential customers abroad who may need such products. This means that you need to be ready for international shipment, which requires a host of documentation for custom clearance, choosing the right carrier from among a dozen of them available in the market, and making sure the duties and taxes that have to paid or that has been paid is well accounted for. If you are unsure of how much your international shipment is going to cost you, then worry not because there are online calculators that larger courier companies offer customers to keep things transparent and help them plan better.
    Overseas Shipping Industry
    The factors that influence shipping costs include the weight of the package, dimensions, country of origin and the destination country along with the insurance for the product. With the burgeoning shipping industry, the need to stay on top of the competition also becomes a major focus of businesses. However, this leads to unsustainable practices, not because of oversized fleets that cut-down prices for the shipper, but largely because in the long run, it creates instability and affects carrier services.
    Tips to Handle shipping challenge with ease
    The trade-off for lower shipment prices comes at a heavy impact on the overall supply-chain management. To combat this, a shipment company can adopt structured practices where the shipments are consolidated in smaller fleets. Consolidation brings positive benefits such as cost-cutting and enforces greater discipline in the way shipping companies organize their delivery. When there are an optimal number of people involved in the supply chain, it leads to effective decision making and coordination including identifying pain-points in the entire chain.
    Harnessing the power of technology to the shipping company’s advantage such as configuring the best routes possible, keeping data centralized and accurate is also crucial for effective decision making and ensuring that it is cost-effective and efficient for both the shipper and the shipping company. Further, when shipping companies partner with each other for ideas and betterment of services, tackling issues can become a learning process.

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