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Artwork Movers

Custom Wooden Crating and Moving Artwork & Antiques at an Affordable Price

Moving Artwork and Antiques

Packing for a move is a lot of hard work especially when you own precious artwork and antiques. To guarantee that the items keep their monetary and sentimental value, our crating team will help to pack your artwork and antiques in custom wooden crates to make sure that everything gets to the new destination in good condition.If you have large, delicate or very valuable art pieces, it is a good idea to leave the work to the professionals. We make sure that you get the items appraised and insured before the move and get the services of a good moving company

Custom Crating

Depending on the nature and size of the items, our custom crating resources will make sure to have the right supplies of materials. If you have large mirrors and paintings, we have special picture boxes and packaging that will protect the framed artwork. We also use corner protectors to cushion the artwork in the box and also to avert damage to the frame corners. To pack sculptures, we use standard packing materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Protecting Glass Frames

When packing your framed artwork or mirror, our crating teams makes use of masking tape over the glass in two X-shaped stripes, to protect the picture if the glass shatters. After taping the picture, put the corner protectors before wrapping the entire frame with bubble wrap and packing paper. Place the item carefully into the box

Protecting the Paint

If your painting is not protected by glass, we will take extra precautions to protect the surface because a bubble wrap is made from plastic and the material can stick or react to the paint. Note that print ink can also react to the painting and it can ruin the colors. As an extra precaution, tape cardboard sheets over the bubble wrap. We make sure that the items are packed in appropriately sized boxes. Stuff the spaces in the box to secure the artwork and mark the box as “Fragile.” With the tips, you can secure the safety of your paintings and antiques during the move.

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