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In today’s world of eCommerce, shipping goods and ensuring top-notch customer service has become crucial than ever. Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce players in the market vie with each other to stay on top of the game. A customer orders a particular product either because it is urgent, or they are not able to go to the shop, or it is available only online. The built-in expectation for ordering a product is also its on-time delivery. These ecommerce sites also spell out the number of days for standard delivery or additional payment if delivery is expected by a certain time. So you will only end up with a miffed customer if they receive the package late, especially when it is all paid for. Imagine what a new customer would go through if they do not have a good experience with the delivery of a product they have been looking forward to!
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Improving Your Customer’s Shipping Experience

There are a number of tips retailers can take to make the shipping experience, irrespective of whether it is overseas shipping services or domestic shipping, a positive one for both new and existing customers.
· Have you considered providing an estimated delivery date for a product delivery on your site? If not, then it is a good step to consider implementing for every product, so the customer is better prepared or is atleast aware of when the product is expected to arrive. A 2012 comScore report indicated that over 60 percent of the shoppers expected to see a delivery date or at the bare minimum, get an estimated time by when they can expect to receive their shipment.

This makes a huge difference to the customer, who is probably expecting to get the package within two days. However, if the estimated shipping time is more than three days, then the customer knows well ahead to plan for other alternative arrangements. Further, this also helps the customer plan their budget accordingly.
Provide delivery date for products
· Another critical shipping tip is keeping the communication regarding shipment not only consistent but also provide as much as information from both the retailer and shipping agency as well.
· More communication the customer receives about the status of the product; it gives them greater assurance about the reliability of the service. Consider this, what is messages from the retailer go to the Spam folder or if the customer has just forgotten to look at the message? Then the second message can be a reinforcing factor and also has a higher probability of getting the customer’s attention.
Consider the returns policy
As much as it is important to deliver a product on time, you must also consider the returns policy if the customer is unhappy with the product. This is also a crucial factor in retaining customers and building on the existing customer base. A rigid returns policy is going to throw off customers if they risk not being able to return a product they have paid for. Another tipping point is the choice of partners and logistics who have had a good track record and are known for the quality and reliability of services.

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