5 Useful Benefits of Wooden Crates for Packing


Wooden crates are the preferred option for shipping heavy machinery and equipment. They are extremely durable and increase the likelihood of packages arriving at their intended destination in one piece with no damage. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why wooden crates continue to grow in popularity:

Wooden crates are very effective at distributing the weight of a load which means there is the option to easily stack multiple crates on top of each other. A further benefit of stacking up high is the ability to save precious floor space at a shipping facility or warehouse.

They are strong and durable to make a very dependable option to protect all types of loads, including the fragile items. Even the most delicate items can arrive undamaged at the intended destination with the proper packaging supplies used. Also, they are useful for protecting the content from dirt, dust, moisture, or similar issues.

A custom crate is perfect for shipping loads that are very large or an awkward size. Many companies can construct a crate to give the best possible protection to match the specific weight capacity and dimensions needed. A custom crate is much more effective at protecting a load because it will be designed to minimize unnecessary movement. There is the option to use a smart design that can help improve efficiency when it comes to loading and unloading. Also, there is the option to fit different closure options to make the crate more secure for the more valuable loads.

The cost to manufacture the wooden crates is relatively small compared to most of the other shipping options on the market. The materials at natural and simple to source which means the crates can be made to the preferred specifications within a short time-frame.

Wooden crates not only give long-term use, but are also very easy to reuse or recycle if no longer required. Most types of crate can be broken down and rebuilt to match the specific shipping needs. The collapsible style of crate is certain to appeal to those that only need to ship items occasionally because it will need a lot less space while in storage. Also, they are quite easy to repair in the event of damage.
Overall, with the right wooden crates in place the ability to ship a wide range of goods at an affordable cost is made that much easier.

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