Busting six myths about local movers and international movers



Is it time for you to relocate your space? Are you considering a local move from San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Francisco to California or are you looking for international moving companies? You probably did speak to people who have moved in the past and their experience with the movers. Some may have had horror stories to share while others may have their share of truths to share. Over time as such opinions move around, they crystalize as facts or myths become accepted truths. When you decide to move, it is important to remember that though there may be an element of truth to these stories, there is also a sense of exaggeration that you need to evaluate. So you need to really do a thorough research before making a decision. You will come to discover more truths and realize that some were never even discussed!

Local and international movers San Francisco

Busting the Myths

We all want to save a few bucks during a move. You may have possibly read or been told that it may be cheaper to opt for a rental truck than hire the services of a moving company. But have you considered that when it boils down to the pricing, there may not be so much of a difference?

  • * One option includes all services bundled in while for the other, apart from paying for the truck rental, you will have to pay for insurance, fuel, tolls, permits and the list only keeps adding on.
  • With professional movers, they are also responsible for taking care of your belongings and are liable for any damage to your property during transit. This is not so in the case of renting a truck, where you are pretty much responsible for every aspect of your move and your property.

    Services of a moving company

  • * Some may convince you that you are better off packing and moving on your own than hiring professionals who may not deliver.
  • The professionals will also be far more acquainted in preparing for local moves or international moves that involve numerous documents. If you are on your own, consider the odds of missing a critical documentation? Your goods will be held up until the required paper work is cleared and this could be a long drawn process.

  • * Do not be surprised to hear that all local or international movers are no different from each other or charge the same rates or similar rates across the board. Nothing can be more different from the truth.
  • Every movers and packers organisation offers a range of services and special features. Some may be new to the business while others may have enjoyed a long run with good customer reviews. The rates reflect these service offerings.

    Packaging and Moving internationally

  • * You can pick up any moving box from the local grocery store or the liquor store. After all, all boxes are one and the same! Wrong again. The box you choose should be suitable for the item you are packaging. Boxes should be durable to withstand the journey. Grocery bags can be flimsy and can wear down quickly, damaging your goods in the process.
  • Use the right box of the right size to package your belongings. Also label them appropriately to help you offload and organize your space quickly.

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