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Are you in the business of shipping? Does your business involve both local and overseas shipping services? You probably also use craters and freighters for the transportation of goods and services. With a large, diverse clientele with a variety of packing and shipping needs, you may want to consider designing custom crates from recycled materials to not only ensure the items are secured and reach their intended destination without a scratch, but also save time and cost. You can also create reusable crates which can be used in trade shows and events.

How to begin custom crating

Designing Custom Crates

Designing custom crates can be a lot of fun and learning. Each furniture or item that needs to be shipped may be of a different dimension. So if you are getting into the idea or business of custom crating service, remember there is no one size that fits all. Initially, the process may be time consuming. However, if you are organized and have a plan in place, then you should be able to build your custom crate in under five to ten minutes!

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    – This also means that you will require highly skilled staff and resources that are trained to assess the packaging needs of any shipment and plan accordingly.
    – For example, depending on the nature of the shipment such as perishable or hazardous items, it may require foam lining, blocking and bracing, or a custom paint job.
    – With the world moving towards a greener environment, the need to identify and use recyclable materials has become a necessity.
    – Implement strategies in your organisation that collect manufacturing scrap items such as hinges, plywood, nails, or melamine sheets for instance and utilize them in your shipping crates.

Let’s say that you have a shipment that has to travel a short distance in one small vehicle. In that case, you can use the recycled items to build a custom crate, mount the item, and then secure the crate with a wooden frame to protect it from damage. However, in the case of furniture that may be moved innumerable times between warehouses and trucks, it will require far more protection to prevent any damage to the item. In that case, your custom crate should be fully enclosed in a protective material such as oriental strand board sheathing or plywood.

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Keep in mind that the items you use such as natural wood will also need to have the ISPM stamp also known as, International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures that ensure prevention of transmission of invasive species between countries. This means that the wood has been treated for pests. However processed wood products do not require this certification. Ensure you use heavy-duty screws to fasten your crate and secure it with a screw gun. Avoid being tempted to use temporary screws that will corrode quickly, lose their strength and compromise your business.

Do some homework on the pricing for the dimensions. Each size and dimension attract different rates. The more denser your crate is, the better rate you are most probably going to get.

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