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Whether you are preparing yourself for a local move from San Francisco to California or if you are engaging International moving companies, the key word is to prepare for the move, so tomorrow you are not sorry.  A thorough preparation well-in-advance will ensure that you have not missed out any item in the checklist. Should you miss out even crucial item during ahead of your relocation, it could make all the difference between a successful move and a failed one. So if you are relocating to another country or planning to locally move to another place, start doing your homework right away. You will be all set before your international movers or local movers and packers arrive.

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The Prep Work

First things, first! Pay close attention even to the smallest of details. Do not underestimate the impact of any item on your overall moving and relocation process.

    – Start scouting the area to identify a list of potential international moving companies or international movers if you are relocating to a new country. Even if it is a local move from San Francisco to California, the same rule applies.
    – Check with immediate family and friends who can give you their trustworthy referrals, based on their own packing and moving experience.
    – Look into the background of these international movers and local movers. This should include the number of years in the business, the services they offer, and customer reviews. This should give you considerable insight to help you shortlist the list of movers and packers you want to move further with.
    – In the next round of drill-down, speak to the shortlisted companies for free estimates based on your relocation needs. This should also help you compare it to your budget you would have allocated for your relocation needs.
    – Reputed and professional movers will also walk you through the entire relocation process including the documentation that is required for customs if applicable.

local move from San Francisco to California

So now that you have zeroed in your international movers or local mover, is the job done? Not at all. You still have the huge job of segregating items that you no longer need, fragile items that have to be packed with the right material, and packing other regular items that need to be organized in boxes. You can choose to either give away items you no longer need or sell them and save a few bucks in the process.

Need to do before movers arrive

There may be items that your movers and packers may not ship such as hazardous items, for example. Pack the items in the right carton or package. Why pay unnecessarily for extra weight?

Another best practice is to label the boxes and organize them according to your new space. So objects that need to be organized in the living room can be directly placed in its new space without any chaos or confusion.

Before the movers arrive, secure your house to protect it from any damage during the move. Also organize the parking lot for the team to move the items with ease into the truck, without obstructing anyone’s driveway or traffic.

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