Overseas Shipping Services


Pacific Crating & Shipping is your crating, shipping and moving solution. Backed by decades of experience, we are committed to proving quality, affordable services. We pack and crate your items as if they were our own. From the smallest to the biggest item, we have a solution for everyone and for everything.Our services include:

International moving

Moving from one country to another involves additional requirements and concerns. PCS has decades of experience helping thousands of clients smoothly relocate to a new country. We offer free estimates and a variety of transportation methods – by ocean, air and land – to meet our client’s needs. Through our network of agents across the globe, we can even help our clients get set up in their new host country.From pickup to delivery, unpacking and removal of debris, our comprehensive moving services offer everything you need, including domestic and international documentation , inventory and labeling, professional packing and crating, container loading, customs clearance, transport, storage and warehousing.

Art work and antiques

Properly handling and shipping fine art and antiques is an art itself, requiring skill and precision, and PCS is a master. For more than 30 years, our expert shippers and movers have handled the art and antiques entrusted to our care with the respect and care.Although our priority is the safe, prompt arrival of your valuable shipment, our experienced staff also strives to find the most economical solution. They consult and suggest economical crating and shipping solutions tailored to fit your requirements.

Household goods & personal belongings

Our proven techniques will ensure your valuable items arrive safe, damage-free and on time. Whether you are shipping one flat-screen TV, an entire home theatre system or appliances, PCS specializes in the packing, crating and shipping both domestically and internationally of all types of items.Our professionals know that proper cushioning, stabilization and expertly built containers are required for safe shipping. We take into account the value of the item(s), fragility, weight, storage needs, mode of transportation and delivery requirements to create an affordable solutions tailored to your needs.


PCS offers premium crating solutions for the safe shipping of your motorcycle or ATV. We custom build our crates to provide a tailored fit for your vehicle, no matter what size or shape.

Custom Crating & Packing

All our crates are custom built, from the simple to the most complex, and are designed and constructed to assure maximum protection, safe handling and transport of their contents. At PCS we use only the highest quality materials for our crates and for packing and wrapping your personal belongings. Our packers receive training from the most experienced packing professionals in the industry.


PCS provides creative, cost-effective solutions for the moving, crating and shipping of your vital equipment. Our experienced international machinery movers employ innovative methods that minimize disassembly so that your machinery can be quickly reassembled accurately in its new location with minimal downtime.


Through our association with a premier piano dealership, PCS has developed an expertise in preparing and crating pianos for shipment. Protected with custom crates that feature the necessary hardware and cushioning, we know how to protect your grand piano during handling, shipping and delivering to its final destination. We do shipping and crating of all kinds of pianos around the world.

Contact us today for more information on how you can benefit from our deep expertise with international moves and shipping.