Problems Everyone has with Domestic Shipping: How to Solve them?

Every business has a responsibility that extends beyond just ensuring you are able to get the products and selling them. There is a greater onus on the business to ensure that the products purchased by the customer reach them safely, well-packaged, with zero damage and on time. Shipping the product means meandering through the various legal and procedural requirements including a maze of documentation, customs regulations, tax and logistics of ensuring the product goes through the right channels until it reaches its final destination, which is in the hands of the customer, who placed the order. Moreover, there will be hidden costs that you may incur or other costs that may crop up unanticipated.
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Decoding the Challenges With Shipping Products

Awareness is key and therein is the solution for both customers and organizations alike while shipping products.

The global challenges in business necessitates transparency in not just monetary transactions, but even in tracking the customer orders right from the time the order is placed until it is delivered to its final destination while moving and packing their belongings. Customers today heavily rely on transparency of services to decide the credibility factor of their business partner or the organization with whom they have signed up for services. This is a crucial factor in earning referral customers. Hence today the logistics solution for customers has to be tailored depending on their requirements.

While the process of shipping, whether it is international or domestic may seem quite intimidating in the first instance, it is nevertheless quite easy to get around the hassles of shipping the product to its location, whether it is inbound or outbound. Shipping charges are dependent on a number of factors including the weight of the package, its size, the country of origin, insurance applicable for the category of product, and the applicable taxes and other rules and regulation that it might be subjected to in the country. You can use online calculators that will give you indicative prices or depending on the information, accurate estimates to help you organize your shipping.
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Another nightmare for logistics organizations is the timelines for delivery is hugely dependent on their network of delivery teams. If there are unexpected strikes, or a sudden slowdown of work, for reasons beyond the company’s control, then it becomes a huge liability for both customer and companies alike. Hence time has to be clearly factored into the delivery schedule while taking into account any unforeseeable situations.

It will also benefit your organization if you take time to conduct periodic reviews to address pain points in the supply-chain network. By easing out the issues that impact your delivery such as implementing just-in-time (JIT) delivery, you can make considerable saving on time and cost.
Testing the shipments yourselves

Yet another great solution that will provide a lot of insights is testing the shipment yourself for size, delivery, and quality. A lot of times, customers will come back to you stating the shipment has been damaged. So ensure you have tried and tested packaging methods for the products safe delivery.