8 Simple Tricks that will Pump Up your Shipping almost Instantly


In a fast paced world that we live in today, the need for direct store visits are slowly waning. With a host of ecommerce portals offering a myriad of services, online shopping from any part of the region or country are quickly becoming the norm. Be it vegetables, electronics, furniture, or essentials, almost everything can be procured online. When an order is placed, it does not simply imply a delivery. Customers pay for the secure packaging using the right packaging materials, on-time delivery, and receiving a good that is intact without any damage. No customer is going to be happy if they are going to receive a late shipment.

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In order to establish their brand‘s trust worthiness and reliability, shipment services also offer online tracking where the customer can track the movement of their goods from one point to another until it reaches its final destination. While the large corporations have quickly warmed up to these new developments, the smaller retailers that are yet to catch on may find these rules and regulations quite overwhelming to deal with initially.

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Pump up your shipping

Irrespective of the size and volume of your shipment, be it large containers or just a few boxes, it is critical that you package the items exactly. Why would you want to pay unnecessarily for excess weight and space? Choose the right packaging for the goods depending on their size. Irrespective of how small the deviation is, you will have to pay for that excess simply because you overlooked these small details. Remember, in shipping, the cost you pay is for both the size of the goods and its corresponding weight. So keep yourself abreast of the market and play with a few different styles of shipping products and sizes to get an idea of what will work best for the kind of goods you have to ship.

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There may be a type of shipment that you are probably shipping more frequently than the others, and sometimes you may get a variation. Having an understanding of the kinds of shipment sizes you have to work with frequently will also help determine the best packaging material and size that will ensure you do not have cough up more money unnecessarily. Another aspect to consider is the type of products that can be shipped at a feasible rate. Even if you have received a large order, imagine if the cost of shipping is ten times more than its retail price. International shipping is also a complex and daunting process since you need to be well aware of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed as part of the country’s export and import rules and regulations.

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In order to help customers, service providers such as UPS, also provide a list of regulations applicable in the destination country. Along with that, it is important that you also carry out some due diligence to understand the possibilities of shipping different products. Establish a good process driven protocol and timely communication with all your stakeholders such as customers, warehouse, and logistics provider.